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Augello & Associates Counselling and Psychotherapy

Augello & Associates brings over 25 years of experience in providing professional counselling and psychotherapy services to the Timmins area. Private and confidential services are easily arranged; a physician referral is not required.

Finding the right professional is very important in assisting you and/or your family to process certain difficulties or to create change and adjustment. Augello & Associates takes the time to establish the therapeutic relationship that will enable you to reach resolution.

Private therapy services are not covered under OHIP. Costs associated with obtaining services may be covered by your employment group insurance plan, by your workplace Employee and Family Assistance Program, by your motor vehicle insurer, or by other programs established to assist with victims of crime. Personal payment by visa, debit, cash or cheque is accepted.

The provision of experienced services by Augello and Associates also extends to assisting organizations to manage workplace situations that can often affect productivity. Assessing complex and diverse employee situations is critical in creatively intervening to resolve and restore processes that impact productivity. Personalized resolutions are adapted toward each presenting scenario; onsite service is available when the need arises.

Counselling and psychotherapy are provided within individual, couple, or family sessions. Services are intended for adults, youth and children.

Consider the following questions:

  • Is depression changing the way you want to live your life?
  • Does anxiety stop you from being yourself within certain areas of your life?
  • Has your stress become unmanageable, so that you struggle to complete the things that were once easy?
  • Is past trauma once again emerging and creating disturbance in your normal routine?
  • Is your relationship not in a good place, and are you concerned about where this will go?
  • Has your family been challenged recently so that healthy relating has changed?
  • Have you noticed that your child is struggling and having a hard time at school, with friends, or at home?

Areas that may require adjustments include:

Individual Difficulties

  • Emotional, psychological, behavioral, or developmental problems
  • Psychiatric disorders, addictions, eating disorders
  • Complex trauma, such as past abuse or motor vehicle accidents
  • Stress or crisis management, grief, bereavement and life transitions
  • Parenting related concerns
  • Work related difficulties

Couple Difficulties

  • Relationship difficulties within marital/family/or partner settings
  • Conflict and communication management
  • Loss and adjustment
  • Sex therapy
  • Multiple stressors
  • Infidelity
  • Abuse dynamics

Family Difficulties

  • Parenting, step-parenting and blended family concerns
  • Family dynamics and functioning
  • Sibling relationships
  • Managing separation/divorce
  • Family trauma and loss