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Working together with you and your family, we provide comprehensive nursing, medical, therapeutic and rehabilitative care to people with a wide range of individual care needs, from clinically-complex to recovering after surgery.

We understand that finding a home that meets your personal needs is extremely important and feeling comfortable and safe in a healing environment is the best way to ensure you feel at home.


Residents pay a fee for accommodation that is based on the type or style of room in which they choose to reside. The choices include private rooms and then shared rooms such as semi-private, basic or standard accommodation.

Private Accommodation

If you can, you may want to consider a private room, even though it is an added expenditure, especially if you prefer the comfort of your own bathroom and the convenience of having family members visit regularly and stay as long as they want.

Semi-Private or Basic/Standard Accommodation

In our shared rooms, we match people based on gender and we also do our best to connect people who have similar interests and compatible routines.

In considering options for accommodations, please take a tour of our home and see the different types available to you.