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Rainville Health

Our Vision:
To help those who want to be helped by provide the knowledge and the necessary treatment tools to make those individuals mobile and feel better.

Our Philosophy:
We believe that the foundation to active lifestyle starts from the feet up.

Our Goal:
To help people of all ages and lifestyles to find joy through their health with foot health as the bedrock of their physical well being. We also aim to establish full satellite service facilities across the North Eastern Ontario to help as many individual suffering from foot pain as possible.

What Makes Us Different:

  • The main difference is that we have combined complete foot care services and orthotic assessment, prescribing and manufacturing onsite.  Our Chiropodists are regulated and governed by regulatory colleges.
  • Clients do not need to have a referral from their doctor to see us.
  • Insurance companies accept prescriptions for orthotics and footwear from us directly. So no need to put more pressure on the health care system and see your doctor for a prescription needed for the insurance company reimbursements.

From out of town? Call us toll-free at 1-877-268-3338.